What is a Bank guarantee ?

A bank guarantee is a type of guarantee from a lending institution. The bank guarantee means a lending institution ensures that the liabilities of a debtor will be met. In other words, if the debtor fails to settle a debt, the bank will cover it. A bank guarantee enables the customer, or debtor, to acquire goods, buy equipment or draw down a loan.



BREAKING DOWN Bank Guarantee
A bank guarantee is when a lending institution promises to cover a loss if a borrower defaults on a loan. The guarantee lets a company buy what it otherwise could not, helping business growth and promoting entrepreneurial activity.

There are different kinds of bank guarantees, including direct and indirect guarantees. Banks typically use direct guarantees in foreign or domestic business, issued directly to the beneficiary. The term direct guarantee applies when the bank’s security does not rely on the existence, validity and enforceability of the main obligation. Individuals often choose guarantees for international and cross-border transactions, which can be more easily adapted to foreign legal systems and practices due to not having form requirements.

Indirect guarantees occur most often in the export business, especially when government agencies or public entities are the beneficiaries of the guarantee. Many countries do not accept foreign banks and guarantors because of legal issues or other form requirements. With an indirect guarantee one uses a second bank, typically a foreign bank with a head office in the beneficiary’s country of domicile. For example, Company A is a new restaurant that wants to buy $3 million in kitchen equipment. The equipment vendor requires Company A to provide a bank guarantee to cover payments before they ship the equipment to Company A. Company A requests a guarantee from the lending institution keeping its cash accounts. The bank essentially cosigns the purchase contract with the vendor.

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Examples of Bank Guarantees

Because of the general nature of a bank guarantee there are many kinds. Here are some common examples :


  • A payment guarantee assures a seller the purchase price is paid on a set date.
  • An advance payment guarantee acts as collateral for reimbursing advance payment from the buyer if the seller does not supply the specified goods per the contract.
  • A credit security bond serves as collateral for repaying a loan.
  • A rental guarantee serves as collateral for rental agreement payments.
  • A confirmed payment order is an irrevocable obligation where the bank pays the beneficiary a set amount on a given date on the client’s behalf.
  • A performance bond serves as collateral for the buyer’s costs incurred if services or goods are not provided as agreed in the contract.
  • A warranty bond serves as collateral ensuring ordered goods are delivered as agreed.

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Documents Required For Applying to Bank for Cash Credit

ID proof : Pan card/ Passport/c Driving License

Signature Proof : Pan card/ Passport/Driving License

Age Proof : Pan card/ Passport/Driving License/DOB Certificate

Residence Proof : Passport/ Voter Card/Driving License/Ration Card/ Telephone Bill.

Office Proof : Telephone Bill/ Sales Tax registration certificate/ Electricity Bill

Ownership Proof : Electricity Bill/house tax/property papers Income Proof : last 3 years audited financial along with audit report with all

Bank statement : main account last 6 month. Sanction letter of existing Cash credit or overdraft limit availed by the company.

Collateral Security : Property papers which are offered.

Constitution proof : MOA/ partnership deed

Others : any Govt. registration like service tax, sales Tax, excise,

Loan Proof : Repayment Schedule of all running loans.


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